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    Dollar Slips as Healthcare Bill Stalls

    Euro: 1= $1.1582 (Up 0.90%) Pound: 1= $1.3029 (Down 0.19% Yen: $1= 111.94 (Down 0.62%) Yuan: $1= 6.7470 (Down 0.33%) Mexican Peso: $1= 17.5253 (Down 0.36%) Dollar is down 0.61% This morning, July 18, ...

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    Demographics on the City of Trenton

    Population: Has about 84,225 people living in it (based on 2015) Had about 84,910 people living in it (based on 2010) Population change of about -0.8%, which means that people are leaving Trenton as t...

  • impact-of-strong-dollar

    Impact of a Strong U.S. Dollar

    By: Isabella Lopreiato Strong is good and weak is bad. Those generalizations sound simple enough, but they complicated when involving money. Is a “strong” U.S dollar always good? No, a strong dollar s...

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