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Governor Christie’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Compiled by Tyler Holzer, MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce

Funding increases, cuts, and vetoes by category.

  • $34.5 billion in State appropriations
    • 1%increase over the fiscal year 2016 budget.
  • $2.3 billion less in discretionary spending
    • No new taxes or tax increases.
  • Maintains a surplus of $579 million
  • $1.9 billionstate employee pension payment.
  • Vetoed an increase to the state’s Work First program (welfare)
  • Over $3 Billion in Business Tax Cuts and Reforms
    • Changes to a single sales factor formula.
    • Income/loss netting and loss carry-forward reform.
    • A 25% reduction in the minimum tax on S-corporations.
    • Research and development incentives.
    • Elimination of the Transitional Energy Facility Assessment.
    • Continues 2015 law thatincreased in the Earned Income Tax Credit from 20% to 30% of the federal benefit.
  • Education:
    • Higher education funding is maintained at a total of $2.2 billion:
    • $403.6 million increase in funding to the Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAG).
    • $1 million increase to College Readiness Now.
    • Vetoed a proposed $25 million for the expansion of pre-school education.
  • Needy and Vulnerable Populations:
    • $6 million increase for statewide post-incarceration services through reentry and recidivism programs.
    • $127 million Investment in Substance Use & Mental Health Treatment.
    • $2 millionto re-open Mid-State Correctional Facility in 2017 the new Mid-State.
    • $64 million in funding to support the Drug Court program.
    • $1.7 millionincrease to the Recovery Coach Program.
    • $48.8 millionof new State and federal funding to create community placements and services.
    • $2 million decrease to community-based drug treatment programs.
    • $2 million decrease to addiction services.
  • Health Programs:
    • $50 million decrease for the Charity Care pool.
    • $5 million decrease for public health programs.
    • $5 million decrease for a Zika virus training program.
    • Vetoed a $7.5 million increase to family-planning services.
  • Environment:
    • $20 million from the state’s Clean Energy Fund to pay salaries and maintenance at state parks.
    • $121 million from the state’s Clean Energy Fund to pay energy bills for the state and for New Jersey Transit.


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